Using Electronic Voice Phenomena to Solve a Murder Case

What is “Evp” also know as Electronic Voice Phenomena?

Within ghost hunting and parapsychology, electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices that have been either unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested and recorded.

It is now possible with today’s current technology to communicate with those in the Spirit World. Although this may sound outrageous to those who are not studied in the matter, the EVP’s that I furnish should be able to convince anybody that there is something to this technology.

on December 19, of 2017 a friend introduced me to Spirit Communication using EVP. At first I thought it was mundane due to the fact that I am quite an experienced medium already. I soon took up a missing persons case and found out that I could receive precise details, such as the name of a street. It was amazing.

Nicole was able to communicate with me this way. Nicole was able to discuss a wide variety of subjects. It seemed important to Nicole to tell me what happened regarding her death.

The early Evps were very simple. Part of this was that the directions I had said to only give them 10 seconds to answer, but I realized I was cutting her off much of the time. So the early EVPs often have 3-5 words, where the syllable were more spread apart.

For the Spirit People, they have to learn to use this electronic method also. Because they are energy bodies, they can more easily manipulate electrical or electronic devices. Any given Spirit person will get better at doing this the more practice they have. The human person will find that within a few hours what first sounds like bleeps becomes very easy to understand. For a person in a physical body, you want to relax your mind and allow yourself to hear.

I have had an Evp session with Nicole almost every day in the last 4 months. In this time we have had several advancements. By the middle of January we began using “yes” and “negative” instead of “yes” and “no” for instance. I also began giving Nicole 30 seconds to answer, during which she would repeat the answer several times to make sure I received a clear response. Around the beginning of March, Nicole made a significant advancement with the EVP. Clearly she had figured out how to manipulate the energy so that answers are now paragraphs long. She repeats the answer up to 5 times, but then moves on to other subjects. We have come to the point now where we are having very detailed conversations.

EVPs are very tedious to process and time consuming. An EVP session involves asking a question, and then waiting a period of time. Once that is accomplished I amplify the sound line and slow it down. This is because Spirit’s have a different dimensional energy to them and they talk very fast and above the range of normal human hearing most of the time.

As of March 15, 2018, I have loaded approximately 68 short clips onto you tube where Nicole describes being murdered by Octavio Cruz Lopez and his brother Abraham Cruz Lopez with extensive detail.

(Link to Channel Below)

UnsolvedMurder VoicesFromTheGrave

Nicole has been able to disclose what happened and how she actually died. Please remember I have several hundred more EVP sessions with Nicole saying the same thing no matter how many times I ask her. The story is clear. The cause of death is murder. Nicole names her two killers as being Octavio Cruz Lopez, aka Octavio Cruz and his brother (Abraham Cruz Lopez, aka Abrahan Cruz, aka Cruz, aka Abraks Jehu, aka Chacorta Cruz), and any combination thereof.

Included in separate posts will be the transcriptions of the EVP’s I uploaded from March 1, 2018 – March 20, 2018. Some of the clips are early from December 19, 2017 when she first began describing her murder.

For now, you can start with this one;

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