Unconditional Love is Obtainable at Any Time by Anybody

My talk is on “Unconditional Self Love”. In the Bible Jesus says, “Love others as you LOVE yourself”
So, we have to love ourselves before we can truly know how to love others.  What does it mean to love ourselves unconditionally? What is love after all?

Love is a measurable vibration.  Love is the Energy Vibrating around us, through us at all times. Sometimes we can feel it and sometimes we block ourselves from it. But its always there.

Unconditional love is the energy that emanates from God. When I use the word God, I am speaking of the Source of all Creation. Love is the Vibration of God. When we can hold this vibration, we are closer to our source energy, we feel more joy in our lives. It is easier to connect with our Angels and Guides, as well as our loved ones in Spirit.  Unconditional means LOVE is available to each and every one of us at any time just for the asking.

When we LOVE ourselves unconditionally we accept every part of ourselves with Love. We are gentle with ourselves and we send healing loving energy to even the darkest most painful memories and thoughts. Instead of hiding or blocking our feelings, or denying ourselves LOVE we can and should remain 100% open to loving ourselves for who we are.

This video lecture at church includes all this and more, including how to attain this vibration at any time.

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