The Mother’s Circle

The mother’s circle is a monthly event.  Here Mother’s receive proof beyond proof that their children still exist.  Their children need them as much as they need their children.  Their children experience the pain of separation in the spirit world.  I have been told by my spirit guides to make sure mother’s know that they are helping their children to adapt to life in the spirit world if they continue to talk to them and acknowledge them.

This circle benefits both the mother and the child in the spirit world.  It is a time for the child or young adult in spirit to prove to their mother that they still exist.  They do this by giving evidence of their survival that only the mother would know.  Another thing they do is give evidence of continuing to be a part of the family life as they watch from the other side.

This is a small group format that allows mother’s to experience mediumship firsthand. It is okay if a Mother comes to the circle and has no interest in learning mediumship.  We are happy to bring her child through.  As we go around the circle, I teach mediumship in a relaxed environment.  I encourage the mother’s to test their skills by allowing the loved ones in spirit to give them pictures, feelings and messages.  The mother’s can say what they receive.  All the mother’s who have attended my groups have been able to pick up some messages from loved ones in spirit within a few sessions.

The purpose of the mother’s circle is different.  It is a different format than my regular mediumship circles.  I am more relaxed about letting the Mother’s share during the circle.  We sometimes divert for several minutes with suggestions for coping with the loss of a child or other related topics.  In the regular circle we stay focused and do not have extra conversation.  The mother’s circle is a great place to share information as we are on this journey together.

I still teach proper mediumship etiquette as we go along.  Another added benefit of working within the mother’s circles that I lead are that our own children are there to help us as we develop our mediumship skills.  When we are open to spirit we will feel our own children right alongside of us.

I wrote a book about my journey of connecting with those in spirit.  This is the book that I wish somebody had been able to give to me when my daughter died.

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