Readings can be done in person or by phone. If you are interested in a reading please contact me at

Spirit Communication Circles – A great way to share the healing energy of receiving connection with our loved ones in spirit. I hold weekly spirit communication circles. Please contact me if you are interested.

Public Speaking – If your group is interested in someone to come and speak about the afterlife and my experiences communicating with spirit please email me at

The book “Motherhood to Mediumship” was published in 2018, 7 years after the death of my daughter Nicole. This book is a collaboration between Nicole, myself and a spirit guide named Rebekah. This book is not about the pain of loss, but instead provides a detailed roadmap of continuing your relationship with your loved one in spirit. It is well worth the price as with this book you will have all the information you need to have this relationship, which is your God given right.

Purchase “Motherhood to Mediumship” here.