I have done well over a thousand readings. I would like to do a reading for you. It is a great honor to be able to be the conduit for your connection to your loved ones on the other side, as well as bringing messages for you. Following are some samples of readings so that you can understand what to expect. Please send me an email at DonnaLambert01@gmail.com if you are interested in a reading. Let me know the best time to call you.

Amazing Spirit Full of Bubbly Energy. This is an excerpt from a communication circle
Full reading – Bringing in Grandma Mary
My friends Mother Rose was able to come through on the day of her crossing. Amazing.
Sample “Mothers Circle” for Mothers’ who have lost a child to spirit. This is especially tailored to help address the special needs of Angel Moms.

For a complete roadmap of building a relationship with your loved one in spirit please purchase my book using this link to Amazon.com