Psychic Scott Says Two Hispanic Males Murdered Nicole Lambert

I think this 15 or so minutes is worth listening to even without the transcript, Tony states that Nicole was murdered, there was fight regarding not wanting to get into a vehicle, and that it was two Hispanic males. Among other things. I have not written the transcript yet

For now this will do

The first 6 or so minutes he is giving evidence that it is really cool, trivial details only I would know. He perfectly described a overnight bag I had given Nicole for a gift, and which I still have.

These times are approximate

6:17 – Psychic says its murder and hears the words “got taken”

6:30 Boyfriend, didn’t want to back in car, he was telling her to get in car

7:45 She knows THEM and KNOWS THEM WELL

9:30 Description of being terrified forced in the backseat, and describes HISPANIC WITH WHITE BASEBALL CAP (Octavio wears a white baseball hat) young, in his 20’s, acne (Abraham had horrible acne when younger and now has acne scars),

10:29 – Her body was moved. (He is a little off in his description maybe, but this general idea is correct)

12:06 — I see a wrought iron gate (The gate to the pool is wrought iron), He incorrectly says it Is white (remember that Spirits can only show you what is in your own head called a reference library). He describes tiny holes as if looking through a screen, (I feel Nicole is trying to convey the netting hung around the pool as more validation, he is identifying it quite right, but he would have had to see that kind of netting to say it, Nicole could only show him looking through a screen and since he was just talking about a wrought iron fence, he associated the small holes in the netting with a grate screen)

15:32 – Psychic Scott gets insistent as that as Nicole was laying there, looking up she could see an overhang (At first I did not know what he was talking about but he kept insisting. Finally I realized the if Nicole was laying on the ground by the pool area and she was looking up she would see the overhang of the hotel office –

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