Psychic Rose Sees Murder by man Nicole Lambert was Involved with


The memory she is starting with is a happy happy memory of playing dolls with her, Marie Antoinette, (true Nicole was fascinated by Marie Antoinette around age 5, and used to like to dress up and play act her), the feeling of playful, you were a very playful Mom
She had a grandmother she was close to
She is with her Uncle, is that a Mike, (I say nephew) She asks, “Is he on Drugs (about Mike)
She actually had anxiety, she was born with an anxiety disorder, she says that you were almost dense you were so calm, that you had the ability to be calm
She is talking about her father now, she has had to get over some very angry feelings that she had about him
And she was teased a lot as a child (true – tourettes) so she had to deal with the teasing
I am getting the name Steve, (I tell her that his my brother who died) She says, “so Steve takes care of her” (I tell her I raised his daughter) she says, “oh so that is why Steve is taking care of her”
And you have another brother that is passed also? (I say Yes) She says, “Is that a Robert” (I say Ron note Most psychics do not get names, so even Robert is pretty good bc hearing as a psychic is like listening to leaves in the wind, it is wisps)
So they are all over, your daughter is in good hands with them, and they have had to come to terms with what their culpabilities are and she loves them both, she really loves Steve, she says he is really kind to her, but they are all kind on the other side, etc
The man that she was involved with she was really desperate to get away from him, desperate. She wanted to get away from him desperately, She says she tried tried tried til she was blue in the face, almost, and that he ended up killing her cuz he was there, he grabbed her by the throat (I think she is referring to possibly another time or some ongoing domestic violence) and he tried to choke her, (I say I know that he gave her black eyes and was trying for a year to get away). She says he won’t get away with much now. She says that he is keeping a low profile right now but that he will come up again, so he is gone now?, but you are aware of who he is, she says he is a snake, she says, she is fine over therereally don’t let him come in anymore, he is not going to attack her over there, but she doesn’t want you to let him in, he is going to do what he is going to do, she wants that door for you, shut.
Its not that she is putting it in a nice little bow, she says that he is highly manipulative, and that his mother is manipulative, and that is his pattern, and stay away please.
Remember that you are a strong women, you don’t need to be around him anymore
(She moves on to evidential info) about an apron (etc)
Skittles (Nicole’s favorite candy)
Rock Climbing (Nicole’s 16 bday)
Memory about the beach explained, about ice cream (I do think she was talking about a trip we had to Laguna Beach) She wants you to have those memories
She really does not want to talk to much of the stuff that happen
She had a good sign too, she collected and rescued dogs and dolls (I tell her that was me) rest was evidential mediumship

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