Psychic Paula describes murder of Nicole Lambert

You Tube Clip:

She choked to death, _ I say she drowned
A feeling like somebody is sitting on my head
So simple, kindhearted, independent but she did not know how to use it, the wrong crowd, not really connecting with her too well, just fell into circumstances, she was overwhelmed, she was in a place like a rock and a hard place, feeling like “I don’t know what to do, panicking, out of breath” suffocation, a lot of trust issues with this guy, okay I will just go with it and see what happens, he was not nice at all, he was just using her, found her pretty, innocent, took advantage of her, I don’t like him, very sticky, muddy kind of character, drug alcohol mixture that was toxic, He was like a shadow, he was quick and then he left, like a setup, like setting his friends up to do this too her, (now she says her mind is getting into it), says she is feeling mad, so angry, so young, why did I get in this situation? I have someone sitting on my head. I FEEL LIKE “THEY” not one person (I then tell her I think there was multiple also, I did not say this) they made this set up, to look like a suicide

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