Psychic Lindsey describes murder of Nicole Lambert and who murdered her

Psychic Lindsey describes murder of Nicole and who murdered her

This new woman came to our  seance. She is a good medium but unsure of herself, so instead of just saying what she is seeing or receiving, she says many things in the form of a question, but is actually saying what she is getting that way
I feel like she passed unexpectedly. I feel like before she passed was she fighting with a significant other, did she have an I don’t give a bleep attitude, did she have bouts of depression, I keep seeing an image of a bar, did she work in a bar, she is a fun girl, I would have hung out with her, like hard liquor, was she going to school part time, did she have something to do with her passing, (I say maybe what are you getting) she says I don’t know I just see the guy and her emotions all over the place and pills or drugs,(I tell them to go with what you are feeling) she says, did the guy have something to do with it, I feel like he was controlling, I feel like she was in a relationship with her, I feel like she did not feel grounded, she felt like a loser, and then she made a decision to move on and he was like “nu-uh”, I don’t feel like he planned it, I feel like it just happened, I just got the chills, I am so sorry, Does he have children now, do you know? I saw a little boy, I felt like it was connected to him,
Did she felt like they were not getting along and she had to stay with him, and when she lost the baby she wanted to get out and he was like, uh uh, and I feel like he got her pregnant on purpose to trap her, I keep getting the chills every time,
I feel like it will be solved, something will come through eventually
(I ask, “do you feel like it was her husband, or just a man?)
She says, “I feel like it was a man she was in a relationship with and he was controlling and I feel like he hit her, and first she was embaressed about it, and first she didn’t want to tell anybody about it, and then it got out of control and she started telling people, and he got her pregnant on purpose, and then she lost the baby, and she was like, I am going to get my life on track, Im leaving, and then, I, it’s weird, I cant see how he did it, I don’t want to, im scared,
(I kind of chuckle and tell her I want to hear)
I feel like so strongly that she was in a relationship with her
I feel like she met up with him to go over stuff and then he did something
I feel like she still went anyway
You never liked him, you never liked him, like you felt something was fishy or off about him, was he like disrespectful to you
(I say, “ask her why she married him”_
I feel like I am guessing, but it is weird, but first I saw like citizenship, did he give her money for him? I just got chills again
So what I so though, is she did have something on her head, like I saw him hit her in the head and I saw her fall down and hit her head on the bathtub, um, I don’t want to see it, and he is like dragging her body, DID HE HAVE A TRUCK, I don’t know I see water and grass sticking out, I am asking her what else, she is like um
Is she is treating the other woman like he is treating you? She is like, you would think so but he is scared of getting caught,
This is crazy though, because the citizenship thing, I thought I was guessing,
Do you have dreams of her when she was little?
She is showing me you too, she is showing me her little, like a strong mother daughter bond,
I heard you have done a lot of work on it, like you are doing really good
She just wants to say she is proud of you

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