Psychic Detective Describes the Truck Involved in the Murder of Nicole Lambert

Medium 1 –
Passed in late 20’s (Nicole was 26)
I did not kill myself
I feel like there is evidence
I ask, “Do you see one man or two?” I ask them
Medium 1 – says right away, “Two, it was her boyfriend and his friend”
(the reason they are saying boyfriend instead of husband is because they are going off the feeling of it, ditto for saying friend rather than brother, they are identifying a close male relationship)

Medium 2 – (In this case medium 2 is clearly more connected w Nicole)
I see a truck, crack on the windshield?, Medium 2 continues to see the truck, (this means the Spirit is still trying to convey something that has not yet been conveyed.)
I got punched in the head or something (multiple mediums have mentioned being hit in the head)
Was the boyfriend involved? (I tell her that is a question, to tell me what she gets)
Medium 2 says the boyfriend is underhanded and sneaky, deceiving, like he would tell her the right things she wanted to hear.
It feels like there were drugs
I feel like he had something to do with it, that’s all,
A second time, I feel like he had something to do with it
It seems like he was abusive to her, either verbally or physically
She did not want you to worry
This was here in California
Something about horses (this is the second medium in a week that has mentioned this)
There is some kind of struggle in this truck, she keeps trying to bring me back to this truck
She keeps bringing me back to the truck, I don’t know. There is something about the truck.
I keep getting something about the seats, seat covers, seats, something about them,
I keep seeing, you know those seatcovers they put in those old trucks, the ones you just buy at the auto store?
Did this happen around a gas station or something, she is showing me a gas station, like an AM-PM


Murder Solved by Psychic Detective – The Truck Involved in Nicole’s Murder – 001


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