Nicole Lambert Unsolved Murder by Psychic Kay Whitelow

Psychic “Kay Whitelow” gives her impressions about the Murder of Nicole (named changed for privacy purposes)
I feel like, do you understand that she had some trauma to her, I feel like either a rape or an attack, I don’t know that she ever fully recovered from it, like it totally messed with her head, this is something that happened to her before, cuz I feel like something has changed or something that she never quite got over
I am also feeling panicky, a panickyness about life, like unsure, like I am not sure I want to be here, or that it is okay, or that it is safe, I don’t want to put too many words on it, it is just a feeling, I am feeling panicky
I also, don’t know what this is, I don’t know why I am seeing this I am seeing a big rock and it is outside, I feel like I am outside, I am not in the city, I feel like there is grass around but it is not real green, I am just seeing the area, the grass is not green, like a ravine or something, I feel like I am outdoors because that is where she is
Do you understand the significance of a 23, I don’t know what that means, I am hearing a 23, I don’t think it is a birthday but I am getting a 23, I don’t know what it is
(Nicole may have been murdered on the 23 rather than the 24)
You may have to check with the coroner report to see how long her body was in the water, as I am saying that I am getting a confirmation on that, she may have been killed on the 23rd, I am getting a 23, 23
I am just going to come out and ask her something, I have to ask her permission, she said yes
I just asked her if this is totally at your own hands and she said, “no”, I asked her is there someone else involved she said “yes, a man”, (repeats again)
Its interesting this situation, I feel like whats happened here, do you understand that that, she was sexually abused before, she was attacked, I feel like that happened again, did they find out from the coroner (I say she was in water ), I feel like there was some struggle, some fight,
I was confused because I told her “you already showed me the trauma” she said, nonono, it happened again,
I feel because of her general demeanor and because of her condition, depressed and not really caring, that she might have left herself vulnerable for this kind of a thing, and because it had happened before, she had not resolved it
And I feel like all these things happened, and I feel like there was big hands, because she is not saying words, I am feeling, I am just feeling this with her, she is just letting me in with her, you know what I am saying, so I am having to go through it with her, and I feel like I’ve got a big ring on this finger, like I don’t know if it some square ring, like it is some special type of a ring, but I have big hands, big guy hands
I am tuning in her and there is like flashed, she is not talking to me, I am just kind of going in with her
I feel like there is a struggle, there was a struggle, when she fought back that is when she was hit in the head, I feel like there was a rock or something that hit her, she was struck, there was a hit in the head
Do you know someone that has a jeep or 4 wheel drive? Who has a jeep or 4 wheel drive, I feel like I am in a some sort of thing, it’s like a 4 wheel drive vehicle. That you could do off road, maybe or take on trails or something, (I say her x husband has a pickup truck but then nobody saw her) She says, “but you don’t know if the vehicle was a jeep or a 4 wheel drive truck?
I also feel like as I am going through here, I feel like I am walking on, I don’t know what this is, I feel like I am walking on dirt, like a worn out
I say she is thrown in pavement
I feel like she is walking on some kind of a trail
I do get the feeling of unconsciousness
I feel like that something happened after the struggle and that is how she, I am hoping, I feel like she hit her head and that is how she passes, because the drowning that would have been hoping, in these situations it is hard for my mind to stay out of it,
“Kay” stops and reaches into the small lunch bag without looking at the item ( a brown bag I bought with the leggings that were on Nicole’s body when she dies – this is known as Psychometry because everything we touch holds some kind of energy) Blond hair, I am seeing her hair, I like her eyes too, I just saw her eyes looking at me, I like her eyes, she said, Oh your holding this, this is mine, she wants me to back off this a little bit for a minute, trying to hard, she is trying to help now,
Um, the place she lives is this the 3 bedroom place, she is talking about the 3 bedroom home, she is just showing me, she is just saying let it go a little bit, she is just seeing if we can get a trail and go and not worry, I feel like she is staying here and this is a 3 bedroom place,
I don’t know what this is, I feel like I am not working right now, so I don’t have a regular schedule, so I feel like I have a lot of time on my hands, a lot of time on my hands, I am not working, I am staying at this place, 3 bedrooms, I have a car, she has a car, she does have a car, I am not sure, she said, “well I do have a car” but I did not see her in it
(I say “ can you see what kind of car”)
I am not good with cars but I feel like it is more of a sporty car, green gray I wasn’t sure what color it is (I tell her it was gray)
I do feel like I am out on a walk, I am going somewhere, like she used to this, she used to go for walks
(I say, yes she left a note saying “went for walk”)
Yes, because I do not get a premeditated feeling of suicide, this is not suicide, do you understand that? Her intention when she left the house was to go for a walk. That’s it. She is telling me that this is correct, do you understand
Okay I can look at it now (the brown leggings ) this is something she had with her, she had this with her when it happened, I was wearing this is what I felt. I feel like I am going for a walk, but I don’t get the feeling but I don’t get the feeling she is the type of girl to wear a running suit, I feel like she is wearing some jeans and a shirt, she would wear shoes or boots, I am not a runner, (I am not even looking to see what it is yet). I am getting an attack, there was an attack, it is like walking and walking and walking and somebody grabbing you, like somebody grabbing her, I feel like all of the sudden I am grabbed or cornered. I feel like in retrospect someone was following her, I feel like they were waiting for a vulnerable moment,
I am getting a tattoo, I don’t know where the tattoo is,
I am still getting a feeling, I do feel like she screamed at one point, but I don’t think anybody heard her, I do feel like I am screaming, I am screaming for help, I do get the scream,
I know you said night but I feel like it is daylight when she was walking ( I tell her she left in the day and she was missing for several days)
I feel like I am walking, I am walking, I feel like it is a surprise attack or somebody is following her and I do feel like it is a man, It feels like it was prolonged, I feel like she was unconscious for part of it, I don’t know if she was in the truck, its like part of it she was out for,
She is trying to say a name, I don’t know what it is, maybe an S name or a C name I don’t know what it is, (I tell her about various people sleeping in the river)
I do feel like there is some kind of an argument or a fight, I am getting that this man is strong, I feel like there is a strength in his hands,
The other thing I am getting is, and I do not know why I am saying this, I don’t have all my hair, there is some hair missing up here, like I feel like there is something, I just saw that,
I feel like there was a struggle, and I feel like when she fought back that is when she was hit in the head, I feel like she was struck in the head and it knocked her out, it was enough to knock her….
The rest is clips taken from the body of what has already been written.

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