Strongest Living Medium In the World Says Nicole Lambert was Murdered

A lot of tragedy in your life, too many people passed for the age you are at the present time,
Would you understand a younger woman to the spirit world,
There is a younger woman here
I know that she is preparing to come
I know she was pretty in life, and she thought a lot of her hair,
Far to young to pass to the spirit world
I know that when she passes to the Spirit world, she was disoriented, it feels as if something in my blood stream, and its affecting,
She would have gone to college, I don’t know if she finished college (true Nicole had one year of college)
The number 23 is in my thoughts
I take something, Im funny, sometimes you get a bit carried away with yourself,
Did she ever work in a bar, I like it, its alright, Its not my life, I am just doing it to pay the bills
She had a great body this girl, she felt comfortable to wear something short and show her legs, this girl, she looked great
She is remembering, did you say they found drugs in her system, I have been waiting for clarification (lists) I am just going with drugs, Interesting that you say Meth, because I don’t like that, it does not feel like my drug of choice either, it doesn’t feel like that, The Meth does not feel like I should have taken that or she would have known she was taking it, or I can’t imagine that I would go and buy that, exactly right, I’m looking for something softer.
Did you say she’s 30 (note here, I did not say anything, not even who I wanted to hear from. I did not give him any info about Nicole, her age or anything else. He actually did not allow me to even tell him who I wanted to hear from. Nothing. Each medium has a different way of presenting their information and this particular medium is English, and this is the way he makes statements)
I say no. Finally he says, “She feels 30, Would she be 30 now?”
((So this reading was in May 2014 and Nicole would be 29. Understanding mediumship is not like skype, you see things or get a feeling of things, so this would be a hit, because he was finally getting to what Nicole was trying to convey. The closest I can explain mediumship communication, it is like playing charades with Spirits.))
The reference that they give you are difficult to offer and difficult to receive, but at least that make it her
Not as close to her father as she is to you (I confirm this), I am not talking with her about her and her Dad, just about you
I know there is no way she committed suicide, I know that to be true, there is no way she would have willingly left this world
And when she first came in it touched my mind then , and I would suggest to you that there is definitely fowl play in this, definitely fowl play in this
And the thought of being moved, that was in my mind before,
And I have the feeling of a low level building that does not fit with a hotel at all does it? (Tony lives in England, has a school in London, and works in the top Mediumship College in the world, so it is natural that he sees hotels as skyscrapers). This hotel was two stories, which would be a “low level building” to him
And the feeling of being moved
And if she was placed in water it would have to be by something that would know that evidence can be washed away
And I would suggest to you that this is definitely fowl play
I feel that this would have been murder, that would need to be worked on more to go to the place and find the details
One thing I would ask you to consider is that she never would have willingly left this world, so evidence that it is suicide because there is no way.

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