There was a time when the skeptics could write off the scratch electronic sounds as the imagination of a grieving loved one. Computers have now advanced to the point where Electronic Voice Phenomena is easy to do and understand with a little bit of training. I have dedicated a chapter in my book to EVP’s.

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. There are many ways to get EVP’s. Some people record and listen for noises made on tape or on the computer. Other people use white noise and record that, looking for the words of our spirit loved ones. Another method involves the use of “gibberish” recordings which have rapidly repeating syllables that the spirits can use to put their messages on the sound line of any audio program.

Personally I like audacity. It is free to download of and that is the program I use to get my EVP’s. I have communicated with many friends and loved ones on the other side using EVP. I have interviewed a wide variety of spirit beings who have given me their perspectives of life on the other side.

This is a very simple EVP to show you what they sound like. I have included the words I am hearing typed underneath.

Happy Memory

Here is another very simple EVP with my daughter Nicole saying, “I love you too, I love you very much”

I love you

Another method of electronic communication is often called a “ghost box”. I bought this OvilusX box back in 2012 after my daughter crossed. I don’t use this as much but it does work. In this communication I went to the scene of a car accident after doing a reading for the mother of a young man named Kyle. A local paranormal group wanted to see if my communication would be any stronger at the location that this young man crossed and so I met them at spot of the car accident. There were two crosses at the side of the road and I already knew that but I was just making conversation. I said, “okay, where do you want to go” and Kyle (in spirit) replied, “you know”, (he also said, “slower” which is interesting because a contributing factor to the car accident was the rate of speed), then I say, “Kyle? It got quiet all of the sudden”. Kyle replies, “Hi”.

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