Author Bio Donna Lambert is a psychic medium living in San Diego, California. She is available for readings, circles, mediumship development workshops. Donna excels at unsolved murders and missing persons. Donna grew up with a psychic knowing and spirit communication abilities. After the death of her daughter seven years ago she began a full time quest into connecting with spirit. This led to taking the coursework at local spiritualist church’s and becoming a certified medium. She has attended and taught numerous mediumship workshops. Donna enjoys teaching classes to show others how they can connect with spirit. These include physical and mental mediumship, as well as spiritual development and healing. Her passion is the development circles and séances that she holds weekly at her home. In addition, she holds a monthly circle dedicated to Mothers who have lost a child. This circle is partly a class teaching Mothers how to connect with their children and teaching them mediumship in a group environment. Donna Lambert is dedicated to proving the existence of the afterlife. You can find more proof on her website,

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