Spirit communication and message circles are the most sacred thing I do. It is such an honor to serve the Spirit World this way. Jesus said, “when three or more are gathered in my name”… is illustrated in a spirit circle. The energy is beautiful and healing as we go around the room and connect with the loved ones of our participants. Some people prefer to hear inspired messages and that is fine too.

Many years ago as I was meditating I would repeatedly receive that I was supposed to be doing these circles. I was not so sure and I resisted this push. Finally, after a couple months of repeatedly being given this information that I was supposed to be facilitating these circles I agreed.

I had not yet posted on social media and I had not told a single person. Within that hour, a woman named Mary called me on the phone. I had been in a Spiritual Awareness class with her previously but I had not spoken with her in the last year. “I don’t know what you are doing but I am receiving strong messages from Spirit that I am supposed to be part of it”, said Mary. I had chills all over. That phone call was a direct confirmation from Spirit.

I announced the circle and coincidentally it started on the night of a special rare full moon. I thought that was neat but what happened next cemented in my path. A woman was in my circle who had driven an hour and half to come. She announced, “I am just a beginner but I am being tutored by…and I just really felt pulled that I should be here. I hope it is okay.” The woman named the first medium that I had driven three hours to have a reading with after the death of Nicole. I was so excited. Spirit had given me the instructions and the diagrams of the way they wanted the circle held and operated.

The circles that I facilitate are one of the most important aspects of my life and are deeply sacred to me. The healing energy in the room is like a flower that blossoms when people share the space with love and kindness.

Have a great day!

The people who come to the circles range from people who simply want a reading to beginning psychics and mediums, to advanced professionals and spiritualist reverends. These circles are beautiful. I cannot say enough about them and if you are interested in attending please contact me on DonnaLambert01@gmail.com

Sample segment from the Spirit Communication Circle

Sample “Mothers Circle” for Mothers who have had a child cross into Spirit and the special love that Mothers have for their children in Spirit. Here we can offer each other love and kindness and show all Mothers that they can communicate with their children in spirit

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