Balloon guided by Spirit Energy!!

Balloon guided by Spirit Energy!!

My daughter Nicole passed into spirit five and half years before this event. It was the day after her 31st birthday. If you have lost a child you know that birthdays and anniversary’s can be extremely hard.  I was planning on a very special day for Nicole’s birthday in 2017.  I was going to walk at the beach, invite a friend to lunch at one of Nicole’s favorite restaurant, etc.  It did not work that way.

By late morning I was crying.  Even though I am a qualified medium and adept at spirit communication I still miss the physical presence of my daughter Nicole.  I called a friend and she invited me over.  “You don’t need to pretend it doesn’t hurt”, she told me.  I love that woman.  People who are real make the best friends after an important death.  I hung out with her for a couple hours and felt much better.

Later another old friend called.  She started telling me great memories of Nicole from when our children were little together.  I really appreciated that.  It really uplifted me to hear such happy stories.  I decided to go to the store and get some things and at least celebrate Nicole’s birthday at home.  I bought flowers and a card.  I bought a takeout dinner and a slice of cake from the bakery.

Best of all I purchased one Mylar balloon and two pink latex balloons. When I noticed the sun starting to set I said out loud to Nicole, “Hey Nicole, do you want me to write a little note to you and send it up in a balloon?” I  found a little sticky note and wrote to Nicole about how much I love her. I took the balloon outside to the middle of the cul de sac and released it into the air.

I took the second balloon and clipped the ribbon off it. I held it between my hands and looked at it as if I was holding the side’s of someone’s face. “I think birthday’s should be for Mothers too” I said adamantly to the balloon. “And you can just stay right up there”. With that I let go of the balloon and let it go to the highest placed of my ten foot high slanted living room ceiling. There was no real reason for doing this.  I did not think anymore about it until the next morning.

The next morning I sat down at my computer to check my email. I caught a glimpse of something moving. I glanced toward the mirror on the wall next to the computer. The balloon was moving slowly down until it was next to me and level with my face. It seemed very controlled. I could feel the energy of spirit.

Once it had my attention the balloon moved horizontally into my hallway. The balloon waited for me just inside the entrance of my hallway. As I stood up and looked at it, the balloon was literally at the height of my face. I could feel the presence of spirit telepathically telling me to pay attention. No, this was not the balloon talking.  I could feel the energy of spirit surrounding the balloon and extending energy in a circular form around the balloon.  I was telepathically told by spirt, “Watch, this was going to be something special.”

I did watch.  The balloon began moving down my hallway into the room where I do most of my spiritual work.  The balloon made a full left hand turn into the room, guided by spirit.  I walked down the hall to see the balloon hovering at face level in the middle of the room.  I ran and grabbed my cellphone.  This is where I start filming the video you can see here.

Once I stepped over the dog gate into the room the balloon moved forward and hovered about three inches from some yellow silk roses I had bought in honor of my brother Ron, who has crossed to spirit.  The balloon also lowered slightly in elevation.  The balloon was so controlled by spirit it was able to move and hover in place approximately three inches from the roses. By this time I was feeling intense angel energy flowing through my body. It is a type of magnetic energy that does not really have human words to describe. It is a beautiful and wonderful energy. If the spirit world has that kind of energy available it is a very nice place indeed.

The balloon then lowers in elevation on it’s way to leave the spirit room.  As I say, “the balloon needs to rise up to go over the gate” that is exactly what happened.  The balloon rose up over the gate and went into the hallway.  Now the balloon was hovering just a couple feet off the ground.  It seemed to be waiting for me to command it.  So I did.  I told it to go out into the living room or my bedroom.  With that, the balloon began it’s steady controlled journey back to the living room.

When the balloon went into the living room it happened to land on our dog Buster’s bed.  Buster was my daughter Nicole’s dog.  Buster’s bed did happen to be in the path of the balloon so I was not sure if that was intentional or if the spirit guiding the balloon was just waiting for me.  After I described what was happening in the film the balloon began hopping along the ground towards the front door.

You can see in the film that when I let the balloon out of the front door it starts on the ground but then swirls up in front of my camera.  Watch the spiral movement as it moves down my driveway.  I have noticed this same spiral movement in other paranormal phenomena that I have seen around  my house.

I was absolutely ecstatic. That is the happiest I had been since Nicole had her physical death. My joy lasted for days.  I hope this provides some evidence for you that there is a world of spirit.  We are spirits coming into a physical existence and then we go back to spirit.  The spirit world is immense and strong.  There is more to life than just what is visible to the physical eyes.

Much Love,

Donna Lambert

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