Afterlife Seance – Bulgarian Superhero comes through in Spirit Circle

A new woman from Bulgaria joined our Spirit Circle Saturday December 9, 2017.  When it was her turn to say who she wanted to hear from in spirit she asked if she could request somebody that she had never even met.  “How would you be able to verify the information?” I asked her.  “He is a national icon.  He is on our dollar bill”, she replied.  I figured it would be an experiment so I agreed.

I certainly had never heard of Vasil Lefski.  I had a hard time to even understand his name.  There were 5 mediums present but the Bulgarian woman acted as a sitter for this segment.

Vasil Levski brought verifiable information to all of us very well. After the circle we all looked up Vasil on the internet and had a great time seeing all the pictures, of things he had already shown us through our ability to communicate with the Spirit World.   He had come through quite well.

Apparently Vasil lived in the late 1800’s and led a revolution to free Bulgaria from the occupation of the Ottoman Empire (Turks).
After everybody left the energy was still so amazing I could hardly sleep. This man had the courage of a lion. My chest felt twice the size, full of so much courage. He was really showing me what it felt like to have courage again. I love this guy!
Every time I fell asleep all night I was with Vasil and he was showing me around Bulgaria. I would get up, and then fall asleep to another dream with Vasil.

I felt him in the morning as I left to church.  I was on the platform to do messages and I could still feel Vasil Lefsky with me.  I told him telepathically that I was glad he was there because I would like to channel him.  With that he said, “No, I have to go now” and I could feel his presence drifting away from me.  I said “goodbye” to Vasil as I could sense he was now leaving through the church wall.

That was such a great experience. How inspiring to have felt such courage in my heart.

The inspiration of having this amazing man connected with my consciousness is the reason I put this photo montage together with the actual séance segment in which Vasil Levski comes through with flying colors.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

с любов към всички

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