I was born sensitive to the unseen world.  It has never seemed weird in any way.  I have taken for granted that we have senses which go beyond the physical.  I have communicated with the spiritual world throughout my lifetime and have lived in several places where physical manifestations have occurred.  This has never scared me and I enjoy and encourage the positive loving spirit people who visit me with the highest good intentions.
It is a blessing and honor to be able to serve the spirit world by providing readings, teach workshops, and speaking publicly about the continuations of life. 
If you are interested in a reading please write to me at DonnaLambert01@gmail.com
Please include your phone number and the best time to reach you.
Thank you and have a great day!
The book I wrote is the information I wish someone had been able to hand me the day my daughter died.  I have compiled a complete information and instructions on building a relationship with your loved one in spirit.
This book is not about the pain of the loss, but instead is a journey of discovery and completion.
Purchase book on Amazon – the link is  here

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