Public Speaking

Donna Lambert is an expert on psychic development as well as mediumship and connecting with loved ones in spirit.  If you would like a speaker for your next event, please contact Donna at DonnaLambert@gmail.com

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Spirit Communication Circles

This is a spiritual experience.  4-7 people sit in a circle.  There is a brief meditation and an opening prayer.  Mediumship techniques are taught at the same time each person has a dedicated time period to request who they would like to hear from in spirit.

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Private Readings

Your loved one is there anytime you think of them.  It is a beautiful experience to have evidence of your loved one, from the past as well as your current life.

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Hello, my name is Donna Lambert. I am a psychic medium as well as a mother who has lost a child. I know the pain of the physical loss of a child firsthand. After my daughter Nicole’s death in 2011, I received so many signs of her presence that I began a full time quest to communicate with my daughter. The first time another medium brought evidence of Nicole; I knew I had a mission to bring this gift to other parents. My goal is to help other parents connect with their children in spirit. Life does continue past the death of the physical body and I can prove it. Your children are still there even though they are no longer in the physical body.
I was guided by spirit to write a serious book about the importance of continuing your relationship with your child in spirit. This book is for anybody who is grieving but it was written for the main purpose of helping parents understand how to build this relationship in spirit. The spirit guides repeatedly wanted me to emphasize that continuing to talk to your child while they are in spirit helps tremendously as they adjust to life on the other side. Nicole has reiterated that our loved ones in spirit also feel the pain of the loss and separation. By use of electronic voice phenomena Nicole explains that connecting with spirit not a passive event. It is not only about waiting for a butterfly or hummingbird. Our loved ones can hear us every time we think of them or speak about them or to them. You can and should continue your relationship with your child. But this relationship will be different and I can help you.
Does this book go outside the normal prescribed grieving process where society wants you to take down their pictures, throw away their belongings and stop speaking of them out of respect for other people’s discomfort? Yes, it certainly does. The name of this book is, “Motherhood to Mediumship” and you can get it on Amazon.com
I always had a psychic “knowing” growing up. As well, spirits would occasionally approach me and I would have a conversation with them if they did. I never really thought about initiating the conversation with the spirit world until after the death of my daughter.
Prior to Nicole’s death, I earned a bachelor degree in society and justice from the University of Washington. I worked as a social worker for juvenile parole. I created and taught programs for many social issues such as anger and stress management, recreation and work programs. I volunteered for four years at a victim advocacy organization after my brother was murdered in 1991. There I assisted people immediately after a sudden or traumatic loss. I helped to change a state law to further the rights of survivors of violence. I became a political activist and worked on social issues, always striving to change the world through physical means.
Since Nicole’s death I have literally spent thousands of hours studying the metaphysical world. I have studied many of the world’s major religions and their development. I am interested in everything related to the connection between this world and the next. I believe in God and I consider the work I am doing to be in service. I am an expert in most related subjects.
For the past six years I have studied extensively with many of the world’s strongest psychics from both the United States and abroad. I have done at least a thousand mediumship readings, many for grieving parents like you. These readings provide evidence of your loved one and proof that they are still very much around you. The readings also provide healing and connection. Readings tend to last from 60-90 minutes.
I also conduct group circles where we work together to open a spiritual connection with our loved ones. During these circles I explain how anybody can learn to do some mediumship. I teach the participants how to connect with spirit as I go along. All human beings are capable of spiritual connection and I can show you this at these circles. These circles are an amazing way of healing the pain of loss. I lead weekly and monthly circles. Please contact me for more information.
I am also available for public speaking at your church or other event as well as teaching workshops or private tutoring in the subjects of intuition, psychic development, mediumship and connection with Spirit.
Donna Lambert

Contact Info:
Website: DonnaLambert.com
Face book: Psychic Medium Donna Lambert
Email: DonnaLambert01@gmail.com

Donna Lambert Psychic Medium

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